Good Morning, and Welcome! ...to the Useless Pages, version 3.0! It's historic! We're featuring (to the left) a lovely sketch (that isn't mine) of Setsuna of the manga series Angel Sanctuary! This version is very purple, and contains dhtml! It is also (as you can see above) a melodrama in pastels! And it, like my exclamation marks (and embedded parentheses), is really, really annoying!

Personally, I detest dhtml scrolling. So why, you ask, do I have it on my site? Well... it's easier than creating pixel-accurate frames for Netscape. And I happen to be fond of Netscape, despite its idiocies.

Anyway. Use the Chinese "up" and "down" characters to the right to navigate the scrollbox. (Don't click 'em, just mouse over them.) Clicking on any of the options below will take you to another page completely (and away from the dhtml scroll! YAY!).

Why "The Useless Pages?" Well, because most of the Internet is rather useless anyway, this page included. Also because the time I spent making this page could easily have been spent more productively, doing things more helpful to society and the world. (Specifically, I could have been... useful. Oy. Perish the thought.) Plus, if you're actually reading this with any amount of interest, I hate to disappoint you... but you're doing something completely useless. This page has no practical value. But... it's something to do.

A web site tends to emphasize what is important to its creator. To some, style matters; to others, convenience... many are enthusiastic about various odd topics. What, you may ask, matters to me? The answer is: Keeping myself amused.

For those who are not familiar with my methodology:

"self" is one of those useless personal pages that are so prevalent on the Internet. Stuff that only me and the people who know me would care about.

"others" are people I know. More useless personal stuff.

"gallery" contains images. Photographs, sketches, and random stuff.

"literary" contains stuff to read. Currently contains other people's poetry. If I become brave enough, it may even eventually contain stuff I write. (Don't hold your breath.)

"travel" contains links. Go here to go away.


- Katherine
email: katherine(at)yiwei.net, replacing the (at) with an @. (This is a probably fruitless attempt to avoid junkmail.)

Oh by the way, the scrolling script isn't mine (as you'd see by looking at the source). I was busy working on one that was really buggy and then someone pointed me to this one, by Brattli. It worked, so I used it. (What can I say? I'm lazy.)

Me! Not me. Pictures! Words. Leaving already?