snapshots: Jiminy Peak, Thanksgiving 2004

For Thanksgiving '04 we traveled to Jiminy Peak, a mountain resort in the Berkshires. Much fun was had by all, and the view (despite not being the Canadian Rockies, man are we spoiled) was very pretty indeed. The weather held out for us while we were there; it didn't start to rain until we got in the van to head back. Very fun skiing, despite the need for man-made snow.

The photos in the second section are password-protected. Email the webmaster if you think you should have access.

Main RoomUpon arrival, the first thing we did was look around at our new place. The main room is on the left, and one of the bathrooms on the right. David was particularly impressed by the folded towels.Outside Bathroom

KitchenA shot of the kitchen as viewed from the main room, and the huge bed in the master bedroom.Master Bedroom

KitchenMom and Karen were delighted by the soaking tub in the master bathroom. Also, the main room of the lodge was quite nice, despite the antler structure in the middle.Ski Lodge

Manmade SnowThen, finally, we went skiing the next morning. A bit icy, but we had fun. On the left is a view of manmade snow from the lift, and on the right, Karen and David glancing back.On the Lift

Looking BackMore shots of the trail: looking downhill from the lift (left), and uphill from the slope (right), towards the sun.Looking Up

Trail ShotReally, it was a gorgeous day. Two views, one downhill towards the lodge (classic trail shot), and one looking towards the brink of one of the trails.The Drop

Last RideA last look downhill before the end of the day.

That was the first day. We skiied on the second day, too, and conditions were actually much better (more powder, less ice, less crowds).

The following pictures are under password; email me for access.

Karen and cameraKaren and I took many pictures upon arrival. And David got inventive with the groceries.Mango Juice

And by the end of the trip, we were all quite tired.Zzzz